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Mosaic Workshop
Suppliers of mosaic materials including kits, tools, tiles (glass, ceramic, smalti, marble) and books.
The Mosaic Shop
A shop that supplies a variety of tools and materials. They also offer a range of kits. Range of tiles on offer very similar to those available from The Mosaic Workshop.
Mosaic Heaven
An online supplier with an excellent range of tiles completely different from those available above. Very prompt delivery in my experience.
Mosaic to fit
VIVA Mosaics
Opus Mosaic
Mosaic Tile Guide
An interesting site which aims to provide comprehensive online information for budding mosaic makers. It also offers the opportunity for anyone to add an album to their gallery of mosaic work.
Mosaic Matters
A comprehensive site that aims to be an online magazine with news, reviews, information and great links.
inspiration for creative mosaic expression...
Emma Biggs
Emma Biggs is a London-based mosaic artist.
Gary Drostle
Gary is a modern day artist working in the medium of mosaic who has done some spectacular commissions.
Martin Cheek
Martin produces mosaic artwork for sale in a wide range of styles.
Mosaic Madness
David Bowers runs projects for making mosaics with schools and other organizations.
Jaine Marriott
Jaine works in Scotland and runs workshops and community mosaic projects.
British Association for Modern Mosaic
BAMM promote, encourage and support excellence in contemporary mosaic art.
The Association for the Study and Preservation of Roman Mosaics
ASPROM is an association devoted to the study of ancient mosaics, and especially the Roman mosaics of Britain.
Mosaic art source blog
A blog that collects images of mosaics from a variety of sources.