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I bought the kit to make this mosaic from the Mosaic Workshop. If you would like to know more, then please visit their site.

Stage 1
Cutting & Laying the Mosaic
This is the time-consuming part. It took about 7-8 hours to do the fish and the border. It then took another 1-2 hours to do the blue background.
In progress
Stage 2
This is quite messy. Another time I would spend a little longer on this to ensure that plenty of grout gets through to the other side.
Stage 3
Fixing the Mosaic to the tile
Having mixed the adhesive and spread it evenly onto the tile, the process of carefully turning over the mosaic and placing it on the tile is quite nerve-wracking.
In progress
Stage 4
Another messy part. The grout ends up covering the whole mosaic and turning it black! I was very concerned that I would never get the tiles clean again, but all it requires is a little patience.
images/fish_mosaic013r.jpg images/fish_mosaic014r.jpg